Acquire new customers with newsletter sponsorships

Paid ads aren't cutting it? Leverage influencer marketing through newsletter sponsorships. Connect to the strongest communities and build meaningful relationships with the most engaged audiences.

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200+ Newsletters that were sponsored by and more:

Connecting Creators & Advertisers

An all-in-one platform to facilitate sponsorships.

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How it works

Get started as easy as 1, 2, 3

Need to reach your target customers in a fast and cost-effective way? Partner up with newsletters and connect directly to your most engaged audiences. Create meaningful connections and acquire more customers today.

A Curated Database

Sort & filter based on 10+ metrics and choose the perfect newsletter to target your customers.

1-Click Messaging

You're 1 click away. We make it easy for you to communicate with creators

Seamless Process

We help you seamlessly organize the sponsorship process. From sourcing, vetting, and CRM management.

For Advertisers & Creators

Cultivate meaningful relationships with the most engaged audiences.

Who is KyteSpace for?

Anyone who is looking to connect directly to their target audience or a creator who is looking to monetize their newsletter. We have newsletters in niches such as tech, entrepreneurship, Web3, health, productivity, writing, and much more.


Software Companies

eCommerce Brands


Other Newsletters

Web3 Companies

Turn engaged readers into raving customers.

Connect with target customers directly in their inbox

Pick from a gallery of 200+ curated newsletters and effortlessly connect with your target customers

An all-in-one sponsorship platform for your needs

All the tools you need to facilitate newsletter sponsorships and many more coming soon!

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Choose the plan that fits your need

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.

Monthly Plan

Get access to a database of 200+ newsletters and acquire new customers today.

200+ curated newsletters
Sort & filter
Dozens of topics
1-click messaging
Updated daily to weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered.

How does KyteSpace help me acquire more customers?

We provide you with a database of newsletters ranging from dozens of topics that you can choose from to connect directly with your customers. We provide everything so you can easily contact and set up sponsorship deals with creators.

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How do I contact newsletter creators?

You can contact and manage creators directly on our platform!

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Can I do newsletter sponsorships as a smaller brand?

Of course! There are smaller creators on here that will be happy to accept sponsorships of a smaller size. You can also contact them and arrange an affiliate deal with no upfront cost.

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Can’t I just go find these newsletters myself?

Yes, but it’ll take a VERY long time. There are thousands of newsletters on the internet to filter, verify and contact. We make that process easy for you by having a curated database of hundreds of newsletters.

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Do you guarantee that the newsletters will accept my sponsorship?

We do not guarantee this since creators will have a choice on whether to accept your sponsorship or not depending on fit and their brand requirements.

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What kind of data points does KyteSpace have on newsletters?

We provide data points such as number of subscribers, newsletter topics, open rate, click-through rate, country, language, ad price, and many more.

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Explore the untapped customer acquisition channel of email newsletters